Part 156

Before leaving Pop's house, I asked him if I should visit Jason on the way home. "Do you think it's too soon?"

"No, I don't. The best time to fix a problem is as soon as possible. If you let this misunderstanding fester, it may never be resolved."

"Cool. And I'll check with all the guys about working on your pool and stuff."

"I don't know if that's such a good idea, Daniel. I'm not very good with crowds. Hell, I have enough trouble just dealing with you!"

"You'll be fine, Pop. All the guys are way cool. Trust me."

I raised my fist to knock on Jason's front door, then hesitated. Should I be doing this? What if he's still mad at me? What if he never wants to see me again? Forget it. I'll see him later at school or something. Then I turned to leave, and saw Jason blading up the front path in his Teen Muscle 'uniform' of baggies and bare chest. Fuck, he looked wicked.



"You here to see me?"

"Yeah, but it's nothing. Don't worry about it. I'll catch you later."

"What did you wanna see me about?"

"Nothing, dude. It's not important."

"Is it about what happened yesterday?"


"You wanna come inside for a while?"

We sat on the porch, and removed our blades, before entering the house. Gran was sitting on the sofa, crocheting, and looking like something outa a museum or whatever. We said our hellos, then continued on to Jason's room.

"I need to shower. You wanna wait here? I'll only be a few minutes."


While I waited, I thumbed through some of his muscle mags, and wondered why anybody would wanna look like those spaghetti-veined dudes. I was pretty sure that most of them had to be on 'roids or something. Then I grabbed Jason's small weights, and began doing bicep curls. A few moments later, he arrived wearing a towel around his narrow waist. His brown hair was all spiky from being towelled, and he smelled of fresh soap. Fuck, I could've licked him from head to toe.

"How'd it go today?"

"Made sixty. Cleaned a few gutters, mowed a lawn. And you?"

"Yeah, I did OK. Cleaned up more of Pop's yard. He gave me a $20 tip."

"For pissing on him?"

"I should punch your fucking lights out for saying that. Fucking hell! I'm outa here."

"Wait! I'm sorry. It's just that… dammit, Daniel, my fucking brain's totally screwed."

"So let's unscrew it. You wanna talk about it?" I placed the weights on the floor, then sat on the side of his bed while I watched him dump the towel, and pull on his shorts. For a brief moment, his soft cock dangled over the top of his shorts before he tucked it in, and buttoned his fly.

"It's all too fucking much, Daniel. I feel like I've gone from zero to a thousand miles an hour and I'm not even outa first gear yet."

"Get it off your chest, bro."

"I feel like I wanna go back to where I was before I met you… to where it was safe… but I wanna keep you as a friend."

"I'd have to change… and I can't do that."

"So I'm the one who has to change? Is that what you're saying?" He picked up the weights, lifted them to his awesome chest, then lowered them to his thighs.

"Listen, Jason. I guess I should've warned you about what I was gonna do yesterday, instead of just doing it."

"It's body waste, man. Waste!"

"Ever heard of recycling?" I grinned. "Hey, listen, it's no biggie. OK? I've been talking to Pop, and he's a totally cool guy. He said that it was pointless trying to justify stuff. Anyway, why would you wanna go back to where it was safe? Safe ain't no fun."

"At least I didn't freak."

"So you're gonna live in this museum like forever? And your gran is gonna live for another hundred years? And nothing's ever gonna change? Huh?"

"Fuck you, Daniel."

"That could be arranged, dude."

"Jeez! You just don't stop, do you?" After a few more bicep curls, he continued. "You're serious about that, aren't you?"

"About fucking me? Sure, if you wanna. But it's cool if you don't."

"How can you be so damn off-handed about stuff like that? Didn't your folks ever teach you about morals and shit?"

"Yep. I remember my mom telling me that I'd be sitting on a dude's bed one day, watching him do bicep curls, and looking at his totally wicked bod, and being tempted to wanna have sex with him. Yeah, right. You think parents teach you about that kinda stuff? You think they've got some kinda crystal ball or whatever? You think they know what's gonna happen every damn minute of your life? You think they know what kinda feelings you're gonna have? Did your gran warn you about me? Did she tell you not to stick your boner in my face?"

"Gran doesn't know about any of that kinda stuff."

"So how can she teach you?"

"So you're gonna teach me? Is that it?"

"Why not? You think Paul and Kyle and all the other dudes haven't taught me stuff? You think I kinda got here all by myself? Get real, dude."

"Real," he mocked. "It's weird how you use that word 'real', as if you were talking about the real world. You don't live in the real world, man. When was the last time you saw a pissing scene in "Seinfeld"?"

That cracked me up totally, and it took quite a while before I could answer. "So, Seinfeld is real? Yeah, right. I'll tell you what's real, Jason. What happens is real. What happened yesterday was real. What's happening right here and now in your room is real. Your muscles are real. Your dick is real. Your feelings are real. So are you gonna tell me that all that shit isn't real 'cause you don't see it on TV?"

"Did Pop tell you all this shit?"

"Kinda. He makes me think about stuff."

"So what do you want me to say?" he grunted as the bicep curls got past thirty, and caused the arteries in his tanned arms to pop. "That it was cool to see you pissing on Paul? It wasn't cool, Daniel. It was fucking gross. You know what I think? I think you've lost the fucking plot, man. You don't know what's gross any more."

"Oh? Well, I figure that thirteen year old kid from Miami who shot his teacher through the eye is pretty gross. And, hey, that was on TV, man. If he'd settled for pissing on the teacher instead of blasting him to Kingdom fucking Come with a gun, the dude would still be alive, and his baby would still have a father… a wet one, but a live one." I couldn't help laughing at what I'd just said. Jason giggled, too.

"You're fucking impossible, Daniel. You twist everything around."

"No, I don't. You think about it, man. Gross is everywhere. Just watch the six o'clock news. But, hey, that kinda gross is OK, 'cause it happens all the time. So it's no biggie. There are more important things to worry about, like turning the steaks during the commercial break. But piss on your bud, and whoa! That's like totally gross, man! Totally!"

"OK, tell me this," he said as he opened a page of one of his muscle mags, "this dude is gross, right? Isn't that what you said?"

"Yep. Gross."

"So if I keep working out and eventually look like that guy, you'll think I'm gross. Right?"


"Ha! I win the argument!"

"Maybe you do," I shrugged. "Anyway, I've gotta jet."


"Woohoo! Jason wants a blow job, Jason wants a blow job," I sang. "You doing anything tonight?"


"Rock around to my place. My folks are still away."

"I'll have to check with Gran."

"Cool. Gimme a call and lemme know."

"Hey, thanks for coming around, Daniel. I dunno if I've changed my mind about stuff, but it's cool that we talked."

"No prob, Jason. Check ya later."

As soon as I got home, I phoned Paul, and asked him if he wanted to sleep over again. Dumb question. Then I called Freddie, and told him to put a couple of weekends aside so we could all work on Pop's yard. I was still talking on the portable as I opened the back door, when I landed flat on my back.

"Fucking hell!"

"Daniel? Are you OK?"

"Yeah, man. I just got flattened by Kyle. Yuck! Damn dog's licking me to death. Gross! Ew! Hey, you doing anything tonight? You and Jo wanna rock over? My folks are away for the weekend."

"Cool! You want me to tell Dick?"

"He's probably on the pizza run… but tell him anyway. See you about seven. And bring some stuff. Sausages or whatever. We'll have a barbecue."

After I'd phoned Steve, Benny, and Nick, I'd no sooner put the portable on the barbecue table when it rang. "Hello?"

"Hi, Daniel. Jason. Gran said it'd be OK, but she wants to talk to your mom."

I was in the middle of using 'mom's' voice, and telling Gran that everything would be fine, when Greg arrived home. He gave me the weirdest look. "Anyway, Gran," I continued, using my falsetto voice, "don’t you worry about a thing. Jason is welcome here anytime, and he'll be in very good hands. Bye!"

"What the fuck was that all about?" my bro asked.

"Just a little ingenuity. You gonna be home tonight? All the guys are coming around for a barbecue."

"Yeah. I had no plans. You gonna invite Lindy?"

"Uh… no. It's a kinda guys only night."


"Hey, chill, bro. I get enough shit already from Jason. You have a good day?"

"Made a few bucks. Fucking hard work, though. I'm not sure I'm cut out for this Teen Muscle thing."

"So you wanna be a checkout chick instead? That'll be $22.95, sir. Thank you, sir. Next please! Don't complain, dude. Anyway, we've got a big job coming up. I'll tell you about it when the guys get here. And, hey, you look fucking hot, bro."

"I smell pretty hot, too, bro," he grinned. "I'm gonna take a shower."

After Greg had disappeared, I punched in Pop's number. "Pop? Daniel. Hey, thanks again for the chat today. I spoke to Jason and he's pretty cool. He's coming around tonight for a barbecue. So are all the guys. You wanna come? The folks are out."

"No, thanks."

"Why not? You could meet everyone."

"Daniel, you need me there like you need the Pope. You guys have fun. You can tell me all about it later."

"Jeez, Pop. I wish you'd change your mind. You'd really like all the guys."

"Daniel, I appreciate the invitation, but I really don't belong there. I'm an old dude. Remember?"

"Old guy, schmold guy. What the fuck's that got to do with it? You're cool."

"Thanks, my friend. But not this time. OK? Have fun. Hey, I really do appreciate the invitation, I really do. Thanks."

"I'll call you later. Maybe you'll change your mind."

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 Daniel's Diary Part 157